Saturday, November 22, 2014

State of Decay: A testament to game longevity and modder tenacity

Does bringing up State of Decay feel like digging up an old almost dead cow? Like it almost doesn't seem relevant anymore and you're waiting for a successor to properly do things?

What if I brought up Skyrim, do you still feel the same way? Or does the fact that the game is still being heralded as an ace game by modding enthousiasts feel like there's some longevity on that game?

What if I told you SoD came out AFTER Skyrim? Almost a whopping two years, in fact!
Now, their atmospheres are hardly comparable, but had I brought up New Vegas then the year gap would even be larger and I don't want this to get out of hand too much...

Friday, November 21, 2014

Overkill (PayDay 2) just loves keeping that transparency far, far away


Pictures get pretty big in this. Just right click them and select "View Image" if somehow the Blog formatting messes with it. My apologies in advance.

This kind of shit always gets me. Especially when it's the kind of stuff that'll not get noticed because the game isn't popular enough anymore anyway. Who cares, right?
Well, I do. Beyond the above mentioned fact, it's still a practice we shouldn't condone.
I don't have a following that'll form a witch hunt for me, but god damn I just like writing these things down like they're official as f*ck.

Alienware has struck up a deal with Overkill. Using Payday 2 to push their new Console/PC lovechild into popularity. If you have no idea what the purpose or idea is behind those kinds of things, just Google 'Steam Machines'. You'll get a fair idea what these things are.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Story Snack: The End, with a Beginning [Working Title] (just a premise write-down)

There are two stories here, today. Separated by a long distance, yet united by a mere scope.
Two stories: one ends, and one begins, all in the blink of an eye.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

GamerGate and the painful realisations of a confused man

Before you begin, let me stop you by saying that this won't be an opinion piece on Gamergate, Zoe Quinn and such.
My direct opinion on those things pretty much mirrors that of TotalBiscuit: Condemn the bad and illegal practices (that have been proven) and demand transparency.

On that, I wish to stay with the facts, rumors only serve to distract.
The real issue that I want to address, is how 'the public' has been left to their own devices the entire time. People who were overwhelmed with Blog Posts, Videos, angry conversations, all conflicting eachother or providing more extreme perspectives than the last.

Yes, in all truth, had I ever turned into someone who suddenly supported misogyny the past few months, you shouldn't have blamed me. You should blame the endless stream of information that's been doing nothing but telling us that our opinions are wrong and there's a bad guy out there that we need to kick the shit out of.