Friday, December 19, 2014

[Short Story] F*ckin' Sandwiches

She retracts her sword from his gut. At her feet lies a now lifeless body. A vicious ex, whom's cronies lay dead in a pathway behind her. She wipes the blood from her face, bruises appear where harsh blows were dealt.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

[Short Story] The Kind Death

As you may or may not know, Death is not bound to one incarnation.
No, the orchestrator of life, the book keeper of passing, the severer or strings… It’s a job that more than one soul has had the honor, or burden, to enforce.

And as we are infinitely unique, it was only a matter of time when the cloak of Fate’s Enforcer fell on the shoulders of a more… compassionate soul.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

State of Decay: A testament to game longevity and modder tenacity

Does bringing up State of Decay feel like digging up an old almost dead cow? Like it almost doesn't seem relevant anymore and you're waiting for a successor to properly do things?

What if I brought up Skyrim, do you still feel the same way? Or does the fact that the game is still being heralded as an ace game by modding enthousiasts feel like there's some longevity on that game?

What if I told you SoD came out AFTER Skyrim? Almost a whopping two years, in fact!
Now, their atmospheres are hardly comparable, but had I brought up New Vegas then the year gap would even be larger and I don't want this to get out of hand too much...

Friday, November 21, 2014

Overkill (PayDay 2) just loves keeping that transparency far, far away


Pictures get pretty big in this. Just right click them and select "View Image" if somehow the Blog formatting messes with it. My apologies in advance.

This kind of shit always gets me. Especially when it's the kind of stuff that'll not get noticed because the game isn't popular enough anymore anyway. Who cares, right?
Well, I do. Beyond the above mentioned fact, it's still a practice we shouldn't condone.
I don't have a following that'll form a witch hunt for me, but god damn I just like writing these things down like they're official as f*ck.

Alienware has struck up a deal with Overkill. Using Payday 2 to push their new Console/PC lovechild into popularity. If you have no idea what the purpose or idea is behind those kinds of things, just Google 'Steam Machines'. You'll get a fair idea what these things are.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Story Snack: The End, with a Beginning [Working Title] (just a premise write-down)

There are two stories here, today. Separated by a long distance, yet united by a mere scope.
Two stories: one ends, and one begins, all in the blink of an eye.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

GamerGate and the painful realisations of a confused man

Before you begin, let me stop you by saying that this won't be an opinion piece on Gamergate, Zoe Quinn and such.
My direct opinion on those things pretty much mirrors that of TotalBiscuit: Condemn the bad and illegal practices (that have been proven) and demand transparency.

On that, I wish to stay with the facts, rumors only serve to distract.
The real issue that I want to address, is how 'the public' has been left to their own devices the entire time. People who were overwhelmed with Blog Posts, Videos, angry conversations, all conflicting eachother or providing more extreme perspectives than the last.

Yes, in all truth, had I ever turned into someone who suddenly supported misogyny the past few months, you shouldn't have blamed me. You should blame the endless stream of information that's been doing nothing but telling us that our opinions are wrong and there's a bad guy out there that we need to kick the shit out of.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[Challenge Accepted] Broteman and the Pill conquerings

Broteman is a well known Youtuber and a renown Streamer. Some believe that all his life exists out of is perfecting these two practises to an artform.
But little do we know, there is a secret life taking place behind the public appearance of this man we lovingly call ‘Brote’.

As screams in the outside world cry out for a hero, a young woman yelling for help, Brote somehow hears this from within his residence. Quickly he says in his microphone “Bee ar bee, need ta take a huge sheet” and immediately dives into his closet.
With a kitchen towel as a cape, spare underwear over his pants and a stripclub thong (denoted by its print) as a mask, he flies away into the distance on his giant burrito.

[Challenge Accepted] Ditzies' Princess

Warning, gets a little dark.

Once upon a time, there was a great land. Ruled by a King though aging, but just and fair.
And as his kingdom reached it’s pinnacle of greatness, he had already started to grey in his hair.
His well kept body served him well, always at front lines when war was of the order again.
A fierce stride always drove the enemy back in fear, even if they were outnumbered, one to ten.

In time, his eyes did drop on a fair maiden, a Princess of a befriended land.
He woo'd and struggled for this beauty of a brown haired creature, just so he could ask for her hand.
No thought on refusing was wasted for this oft victorious man.
And before a year, a royal marriage was upon the land.

[Challenge Accepted] The D

Challenge Accepted basically is a tag for bits that I write that were commissioned or requested by others. (most likely just requested, its not like I earn money from this)
Usually I accepted these to keep the juices flowing.

This one's dedicated to DitzyGoldfish, who insisted on a story about my D.
Let none say RJ doesn’t like a good challenge.

The D
stands tall with me.

Alright, consider that the last of the backlog. Legit new real posts of awesomesaucerinos and all that fake stuff from here on up.

28th Sep 2014 - Youtube comments - where we are and where we should be

Oh boy, do you still remember that day when Google shoved it's Google+ system up YouTube's rectum? Some even say they're willingly admitting that it was a mistake to revamp the comments like that, but you have to respect how they're sticking to their guns like that.

But this wouldn't be a Sunday rant if all you'd read here was some unexpected praise and a lamentation.

You can consider this an open letter to Google. But in reality, it will simply be my Twitter followers who are most likely to read this. A sad truth, but that will not stop me!

24th Sep 2014 - Modding, why its great and why its getting sh*t on

As a time long advocate of modding, hearing people complain about a moddable game is frustrating. Especially when the complaints relate to a game being a bit shallow, or a problem a mod can perfectly fix.

But first, let me explain in what perspective it is frustrating me. People like to complain. I guess that's how our culture is like. And in the same spirit, we'd rather complain about a game than do some minimal work to allow it to become better or even the best. I don't think I've seen a single complaint around Skyrim that couldn't be addressed with a mod or a plugin.

So in other words, people who spout the common complaints about a game are usually people who are too lazy to enhance their own experience. All they care about is spewing said venom, and leave.

And that's unfair. Especially when I see inexperienced critic's stick around the same trope. "It's an ocean with the depth of a puddle", or "There's very little to do, and the characters all look the same".

So I'm going to launch a personal campaign under the slogan: Divert your expectations.
Not coincidentally, the Steam Curation of my group Obscurum Complex revolves around games where modding enhances the game's experience. And in all honesty, games like these deserve their own genre.

21st Sep 2014 - I haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet but here’s two things I already like about it.

Overall a well received series, people have been saying left and right that it's amazing. So at some point soon I may look into actually watching the series. Maybe in a binge/marathon.

But before I even have seen any of it, there's already a few things that I considerably like about it.

17th Sep 2014 - Are autistic people really an authority on autism?

This train of thought dawned on me when I once again mentally toyed with the idea of explaining what Autism really is. As it stands, the only working explanations are cold and hard definitions. But we'd be fools to think that this gives a correct representation of the emotional experience (and hardship) that lies within.

I've come to the conclusion that even a man like me, who spends hours every day pondering upon the truths of the world we live in, can't even come to a solid representative conclusion that perfectly embodies and visualizes this handicap. A handicap that I, myself, am suffering from.

Truly I, being a man who has his way with words AND suffers the condition first hand, must be the most well equipped person to perfectly convey this perspective?
Actually, no. Not really. Not at all, in fact.

14th Sep 2014 - FPS Gamers hating controllers a.k.a people are terrible at debate

There is a running theme going on on the internet, in specific in the FPS circles, on Controllers vs Keyboard+mouse. But first, let's note down some basic facts before I continue.

Yes, a keyboard and mouse allows for better reaction and precision. Especially when you're more practiced in it. These are indisputable statistics that me, along with everyone else saying this, is pulling out of their ass based on a safe assumption. It's also on the part of "Proving" that the discussion HORRIBLY derails. Let's just agree that, yes, keyboard and mouse squeezes that extra piece of precision compared to a controller.

What I however disagree with is that we should consider that the only factor when picking either. There's comfort in a controller. Some people just want to lay back and casually game. Especially in a game like Planetside 2, where your participation matters more than your performance, having a more relaxed time is certainly a benefit.
(fyi Planetside 2 controller support is horrible. You can bind controller keys, but it seems to not properly recognize input, to the point where inputting Left will make me strafe right. No, really, that's actually a problem I have trouble solving.)

10th Sep 2014 - Growing up (aka things I wish I could tell my young self)

So some of the people I know, that know me, or even are my friends, you could say are actually quite youthful. I am stuck in this trope though where I am only 25, but I already feel like I've got a ton of wisdom I want to share.
Not so much as to feel like a sage, but because they're mainly mistakes I see no reason people of younger generations should make.

In the BroStream chat I usually end up writing a paragraph of these, and adding a few more lines that barely do justice to the point I'm trying to make. If not already utterly drown in the mass of other people talking.

So, I decided to round a few up. I try to stay as general as possible. There are some lessons that are more unique to the kind of person you are. But there are also some lessons that you need to learn the hard way. However, those that remain, I'll try and gather here. If it's received well, I may do encores. Who knows.

7th Sep 2014 - Warframe and expectations

Two of the things I quite tire hearing about Warframe is: How it's Pay To Win, and how it's a grind to level up and do anything in that game. And this discussion always gets brought up whenever a game is similar in this matter.

The Pay To Win one I'll say real quick: It is as P2W as many of those Facebook games people play. The truth is that anything that makes a difference in combat in Warframe can simply be earned through the grind. It is not Pay to Win, it is Pay to Save Time. Or to be vain, as you can now buy skins and such.

In fact, it is very simple and quick to find the 'best' Warframe, Primary, Secondary and Melee weapon and forever use those. Nothing will stop you doing that. The game will not punish you for sticking with the best gear. Except if you want other gear that's level locked... But these levels can not be bought, you can however buy aforementioned gear without having to craft it. It'll also come with Orokin thingies installed that doubles their mod capacity, which is also a thing that you can craft.


The next few messages will be the rants I did on Twitlonger.
They're kinda blog posts but then just plugged on Twitter so fuck me I guess.